Open Data Day
Albany/Troy, N.Y.

Part of the International Open Data Day Hackathon


What's Open Data Day?

Open Data Day is a collection of local gatherings of open government advocates, programmers, statisticians, and citizens who want to explore, build things with, and promote the use of open data. Open Data Day took place on March 3, 2018. Check out the contributions of the 35 participants here.

Open Data Day 2017 saw over 25 programmers, students, data scientists, and citizens working on project hacks. Teams anlayzed the relationship between university rankings and terrorism risk using a Kaggle dataset, created a Twitter content classification tool, and made a NY state restaurant health inspection web app.

New to working with open data?

See what's in the New York State and City open data catalogues, or examine state spending data at Open Book New York. For a wider selection of datasets, Kaggle Datasets is a great place to start.


A huge thanks to estuari, our host for 2018!

Pitch a project hack

Project hacking is at the heart of Open Data Day. If you want to build, explore, analyze, or design something at Open Data Day, pitch your project hack to organizer Ursula Kaczmarek.